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Retail Vendors Are Underserved.

B2B tech PR agencies don’t understand the ecommerce landscape and language. It’s because commerce PR is its own world. Tired of telling junior staffers at your PR firm what OMS and ECP mean? Read on.

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Say “circling back”

Have an office tagline

Wait for you to give me work

My focus is commerce PR. It’s what I know, and I’m obsessed with discovering press opportunities that matter, becoming a strategic partner to my clients, and seeing my small roster of clients succeed.

Yes, I attend Shoptalk. I know if speaking at IRCE makes sense or not. I probably know how your competitors position themselves in the market. 

That’s how my clients get meaningful results in publications like Digiday, TechCrunch, Adweek, The Washington Post, and Internet Retailer.

If you’re looking for someone to knock out jargon-packed press releases (that only your Grandma will read) with ‘leading’ or ‘we’re excited to announce’ only because your C-suite wants to be able to Google their name, I’m not a fit.

Whoever should be writing about your business will hear about you if we team up.

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