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PR & Comms for
B2B Tech  Companies

B2B Tech Companies are underserved

We understand your acronyms and jargon

We build:

  • Strategic brand positioning and messaging
  • Target market segmentation strategy
  • Go-to-market comms plans
  • Channel & content strategy
  • Public relations strategy
  • Subject matter expert briefs

B2B marketers said they needed partners who ‘get’ them. Hello. 👋

You want your B2B company to be known, but your GTM Comms Plan is dated—or worse—does not exist. Oof.

You field ad-hoc requests like, “PR this new hire announcement.” We feel ya.

Your org only wants quality leads but can’t agree on ICPs. Doh!

After working in-house and alongside hundreds of B2B marketers, we know the pressure you’re under.

Public Relations Strategy

Attract relevant journalists, build a thought leadership program around SMEs — we'll guide you

Go-to-Market Comms Plans

We'll build a tangible blueprint to launch and/or introduce new products in a cohesive, effective, and creative way

Strategic Brand Positioning & Messaging

How do target audiences talk about you? Can your entire company say what you do in a few words?

Channel & Content Strategy

Deliver stage-specific and multifunctional content to buyers across channels. A plan makes it happen.
Case Study

Shopify Plus agency saw press hits as it grew

We Make Websites was expanding to the U.S. and needed a North American PR agency to tell its story. We got the Shopify agency featured in Digiday, Total Retail, Retail TouchPoints, and other relevant outlets. Soon, the media came to them.

Case Study

Built awareness with a thought leadership program

Zehner had a stellar reputation in the Shopify ecosystem but wanted to grow awareness beyond it. I built a thought leadership program that secured bylines for execs and helped leaders land quotes in Adweek, Digiday, MediaPost…

Quality Over Quantity

Results That Matter (not 683,004,895 earned media impressions)


Strategic Comms Partner

Let's co-develop a comms strategy so impromptu B2B marketing efforts are avoided and awareness goals are met.

Drive New Business

Attract the right kind of leads by knowing your leads' barriers and needs.

We Get You

Since John led communications at a B2B SaaS ecommerce platform, we understand complex tech.

Focused, Not Generalized

You get a tech PR and comms specialist who represents vendors and solution providers that need to be seen by brands.

No Hand-Holding

You get senior talent that doesn't learn on the job or drain your resources.

Brand Messaging

Don’t know your unique selling proposition or core differentiators? We will fix that fast.

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