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PR for Commerce Companies

Vendors are underserved by PR agencies

A strategy begins by knowing what ECP means

I’m a PR specialist helping commerce vendors get seen by retailers. For years, B2B marketers at retail tech companies and agencies told me they needed a B2B PR agency who spoke their language—and spoke with retail reporters. Here we are. 👋

A generalist PR agency doesn’t understand the ecommerce landscape nor its nuances, or which media outlets retailers consume. It’s because Commerce PR is its own world.

I get it — you want more retailers to know your company. I’ve worked with B2B folks like you trying to build a brand with limited resources.

Clients including Omnisend, Nosto, LiveArea, We Make Websites, and others have appeared in business pubs, trade mags, and analyst reports including TechCrunch, Modern Retail, WWD, eMarketer, and Adweek.

Let’s influence your sales pipeline using modern PR strategies, shall we?

Media Relations

How, when, and why to go to the press — I'll guide you

Thought Leadership Programs

Show your leaders' expertise consistently and in the right places

Strategic Brand Positioning & Messaging

How do retailers talk about you? Do you stand out from competitors?

Bylined Articles

Securing + writing guest posts for relevant publications
Case Study

Shopify Plus agency saw press hits as it grew

We Make Websites was expanding to the U.S. and needed a North American PR specialist to tell its story. I got the Shopify agency featured in Digiday, Total Retail, Retail TouchPoints, and other relevant places. Soon, the media came to them.

Case Study

Built awareness with a thought leadership program

Zehner had a stellar reputation in the Shopify ecosystem but wanted to grow awareness beyond it. I built a thought leadership program that secured bylines for execs and helped leaders land quotes in Adweek, Digiday, MediaPost…

Quality Over Quantity

PR Results That Matter (not 683,004,895 earned media impressions)


Strategic Partner

We'll create a strategic PR program, so nothing is sporadic and we hit objectives. Oh, and I'll push back if needed.

Drive New Business

We'll focus on securing media attention that puts more of the right leads in your sales funnel.

Understand ALL Acronyms

Since I led communications at a SaaS ecommerce platform, I understand complex tech and your jargon.

Focused, Not Generalized

You get a PR specialist only representing vendors and solution providers that need to be seen by retailers.

No Hand-Holding

You get senior talent that doesn't learn on the job or drain your resources.

Brand Messaging

Don’t know your unique selling proposition or core differentiators? We will fix that fast.

Steal PR secrets.

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