What we do

Shaping Comms for
B2B Brands

B2B Companies are underserved

We understand your goals and jargon

We build and shape:

  • PR programs
  • Buyer personas
  • Business narratives
  • Go-to-market plans
  • Positioning and messaging
  • Channel & content strategies

B2B marketers said they needed partners who ‘get’ them. Hello 👋

You want your B2B company to be known but your Go-to-Market Plan is dated—or worse—does not exist. Oof.

You want media coverage but you haven’t nailed positioning. We feel ya. 😔

After working in-house and with hundreds of B2B marketers, we know the pressure you face.

John did a great job putting together a thorough document incorporating his research and suggestions for our strategy moving forward. Everything he presented resonated with our team but was also a breath of fresh air since he was bringing in an external POV backed by years of experience. Since our engagement with John, our marketing efforts have been more intentional and focused, resulting in a more cohesive strategy.

Billy CourtneyHead of Digital Partnerships, The Stable

What We’re Called To Do

Many B2B companies go right to selling, forgetting that a brand with a narrative makes selling, fundraising, and recruiting easier. We do the necessary upfront work that underpins PR campaigns.


Bring my team together to clearly tell one story, stand out from alternatives, and attract the right people.


Help me define and know our target market. Give me a blueprint to launch products. Plan our content.


Get us relevant media coverage. Tell us what to avoid. Work with our experts—the industry should know 'em. Be direct.

Case Study

Shopify Plus agency saw press hits as it grew

We Make Websites was expanding to the U.S. and needed a North American PR agency to tell its story. We got the Shopify agency featured in Digiday, Total Retail, Retail TouchPoints, and other relevant outlets. Soon, the media came to them.

Case Study

Increased credibility with consumer brands

Zehner had a stellar reputation in the Shopify ecosystem but wanted to grow awareness beyond it. We built and executed a thought leadership program that secured bylines for execs and landed quotes in Adweek, Digiday, MediaPost…

We Turn Brands Into Stories

Strategic Comms

You need a Comms Plan so B2B marketers can plan short-term and long-term objectives.

Useful Buyer Personas

You attract high-intent leads by knowing their barriers and needs. We geek out over optimal personas, really.

Focused, Not Generalized

With our specialized pros, you won't get PR or GTM strategies you can Google.

No Hand-Holding

You get senior talent that has helped B2B solution providers like you.

Brand Messaging

Don’t know your unique selling proposition or core differentiators? We will fix that fast.

We Get You

John led comms at B2B SaaS companies that successfully exited. We understand your goals and bottlenecks.

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