What We Do

When you know the desires, fears, and needs of your target market, everything you say resonates with them.

We give you what you need to effectively communicate with all audiences and launch B2B tech products, and then we tell reporters about what you’ve built.

One story for all to hear

We start with a strategic narrative since you attract the right people with one, plus it unifies teams and gives staff one story to tell everyone. Prospects, talent, customers, and investors should see the world through your eyes.

  • Stand out
  • Avoid feature wars
  • Recruit top talent
  • Make product decisions quicker
introducing Comms Management

With a unified story, you end random acts of B2B marketing and one-off PR campaigns

4 fast Sprints make you unignorable.

Onboarding & Research

We’ll examine what you’re saying to everyone, and confirm your hunches about how you stack up to alternatives. So we scan your assets like brochures and a sales deck, talk to key staffers and customers, look at alternative solutions, hear how you pitch prospects and/or investors, and more.

What we do
  • Review your assets
  • Interview stakeholders and customers
  • Listen to sales call recordings
  • Study campaigns + results
  • Competitive deep dive
  • Audit owned & rented channels

Strategy Development

Sprint 2 begins with positioning. You must inform prospects why you should be in their “top 3.” Positioning then shapes our strategic narrative work and how you communicate to everyone. If you want to get more high-intent leads and reduce CAC, you’ll need spot-on messaging that instantly connects with prospects. Fun fact: Sprint 2 is our favorite part.

Steps and plans
  • Conduct a narrative workshop
  • Tell a cohesive story across all marketing channels
  • Nail positioning so prospects know why to consider you
  • Create messaging that educates and connects

Go-to-Market Plan

A lot rides on your go-to-market function. Top B2B product marketers have flawless Channel & Content Plans that tell them what channels their audiences are on and what content to make, so we bake them into GTM Plans. Our unique Partner Briefs go the extra mile to ensure GTM Plans come to life.

Deliverables: Comms Plan + GTM Playbook
  • Market Intel
  • Personas and ICPs
  • Buyer Segmentation Playbook
  • Channel Plan
  • Content Plan
  • Partner Activations

PR Program

After we nail positioning, and you can clearly say what you do—and how it’s insanely valuable—you’re nearly ready for PR. Soon we’re going to tell relevant reporters how you help customers win, get your company’s POV heard, book interviews for SMEs, and more.

What we do

Need all 4 sprints? Only PR?

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Clients say we 'get' them and get results

“Since John’s background includes working inhouse at and representing similar B2B companies, and he speaks to reporters and analysts who cover businesses like ours, I felt I was given a superpower: the advantage of knowing what they did and didn’t want to hear from me.”

Alex O'ByrneCo-Founder at We Make Websites

“If you’re wondering how to get attention for your B2B company and how to reach your target market, I advise you to trust John like I did.”

Dan LeBlancFounder & CEO of Daasity

“Unlike other B2B tech PR firms I've worked with, John gets it! He's proactive, honest, and has his finger on the pulse of relevant media, always pivoting when the direction and time are right.”

Greg ZakowiczDirector of Content, Omnisend

Reach and resonate.

Have your customers see the world how you do.

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“I would hire Forberger Communications again. They are a specialized, standout group in a sea of tech PR agency sameness. Since they only work with solution providers, they were quick to provide differentiators, messaging advice, and guided us on the timing of a big company announcement.”

Jeremy HorowitzSr. Partner Marketing Mgr., Gorgias