Strategic Comms & GTM Plan

Comms Plan Approach & Elements
  • Positioning
  • Target segments
  • Competitor analysis
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Content & channel strategies
  • Brand & value prop messaging
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Hyphen, an ad tech product by The Stable (North America’s fastest growing commerce agency), asked us to help them be distinct and stand out from competitors

John did a great job putting together a thorough document incorporating his research and suggestions for our strategy moving forward. Everything he presented resonated with our team but was also a breath of fresh air since he was bringing in an external POV backed by years of experience. Since our engagement with John, our marketing efforts have been more intentional and focused, resulting in a more cohesive strategy.

Billy CourtneyHead of Digital Partnerships, The Stable

What Did Hyphen Ask You To Do?

Ad tech platform Hyphen, owned by commerce agency The Stable, contacted us to confirm its hunches about the brand’s perception, interview employees and customers, build a Go-to-Market Plan, and refine its messaging.

The Process

Our collective of senior B2B tech marketers and strategists conducted internal stakeholder interviews, reviewed Hyphen’s sales deck, positioning, buyer personas, client roster, target account list, messaging, and more. Then we audited the company’s owned channels.

In phase two, we interviewed Hyphen’s customers (consumer brands, agencies) to pin down their needs and barriers, see if they know Hyphen’s differentiators, and hear how customers describe Hyphen (verbatims always help). As a result, we learned Hyphen’s in-market perception, the content and preferred formats of customers and prospects, where messaging could be fine-tuned, and more. We looked for the good, the bad, and the ugly to make a fair assessment.

In phase three, we did a landscape analysis. We studied the organic content, marketing efforts such as in-market ads, as well as the personalities, value props, and external communications activities of Hyphen’s competitors. Additionally, we identified competitors’ content themes and what they did to secure media coverage.

What We Delivered

We delivered modular frameworks, a Strategic Comms Plan that included content and channel strategies, and a Go-To-Market (GTM) Plan for Hyphen to use as a guide when bringing to market new products/features and speaking to external audiences. The GTM Plan included a fresh narrative anyone in the company can use.

The Stable is now part of Accenture Song.

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