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Even the most experienced marketers at B2B and tech companies are struggling to get their companies noticed in the new media landscape shaped by the coronavirus pandemic. So, I’d like to help.

On this blog, in a new collection of posts titled ‘Public Relations Blueprints’, I’ll be publishing the exact templates that I and other public relations practitioners have been using to keep our clients in the news. Lift them, but please come back and let me know how they performed for you. Everyone loves a success story, especially during challenging times.

For many businesses, general awareness and share of voice have dropped during the COVID-19 era due to in-house communications pros being cut or PR agency engagements ending. It’s no surprise brands have been inundated with webinars and virtual summits since the lockdown.

Now that media placements aren’t being secured at the rate they were before, marketers are lacking the third-party validation they need. As a result, they now have less content for drip campaigns, sales teams, webinars, newsletters, website news pages, and social.

Another outcome of the reduced press attention I’m hearing about is salespeople (partnerships teams, you’re guilty too) are asking marketing departments more and more, “what can you give me that I can put in front of my network? Any PR stories?”

In an effort to help those tasked with increasing their business’ visibility, I will be giving away frameworks, templates, and tips that I and PR peers of mine have used during COVID-19 to place feature stories, secure guest articles and Q&A’s with founders, and more.

The initial batch will be centered around modern approaches to securing media coverage for B2B companies. starting with this blog post on how to craft effective email pitches.

It’s up to you to find great stories within your business and the appropriate reporters to send email pitches to, but at the very least, what I’ll share should help you understand what an up-to-date PR program looks like, as well as what it should offer reporters.

Stay crafty and persistent.

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