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S eeing how our team of senior freelancers is scattered across various states, I regularly hear about U.S. cities I’ve never seen, in pictures or in person. It was only a matter of time before I got in motion, but never did I see that happening during a global crisis (cue Star Wars music).

Back in March when the pandemic was encroaching upon America, I joined city dwellers who were reexamining if where they lived fit their lifestyle and future goals. Very quickly, it was clear that where my partner and I were living did not.

I was a different type of ‘Florida Man’, filling up a whiteboard on Friday nights during lockdown with must-haves the next city would offer.

Today, we’re packing a smallish car with Florida plates (commence dirty looks) and a senior pup.

There’s only one time the world will be this way

and we want to see it (with a mask on, in a car)

With winding country roads and doggy hikes ahead, I’m hopeful our interstate adventures will inspire me to share fun or valuable stuff with you on this refreshed site. I purposely will not hold myself to a publishing cadence, a set amount of words per post, or even high-res photos because enough of my days are packed with parameters. This will begin and remain free-form.

One thing’s guaranteed, you will soon see summer and fall captured in multiple states. If I post nothing else, that alone should be worth you coming back here.

Stay in touch, and stay safe.

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