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The Point Is…

“Anyone who keeps saying it’s business as usual is a 🤡.”

B2B Marketing During A Crisis: 8 Ways To Keep Awareness Up


Messaging, Messaging, Messaging

Rethink how you speak to your audience today because it’s a different world. Things that weren’t viewed as insensitive or lazy last week might be today. On top of that, marketing and communication plans that worked for years may not have value.

Practice Email Distancing

I couldn’t help myself, but marketers and their communication teams should show some restraint with email pitches to reporters. As always, read the room. If you don’t, your email may end up in #prfails on Twitter.

Read the room or else.

Ease Up On the “Sell”

How salespeople treat prospects in these difficult times will not be forgotten when buying power returns and things stabilize. Be the real you, the vulnerable person.

Live Your Company Values

Now is the time to live your core values, more than ever. Your customers and local community need to really know that your business exists to drive their business as it says in that gorgeous 33-slide sales deck. Post on social media how you’re making your team available to small businesses, friends, anyone.

Reset PR Program Expectations

With everything going on, expectations with media relations activities — like many things — cannot be what they were last week. In order to get ahead of any unpleasant surprises or letdowns, consider approaching your executive leadership team sooner than later about how your media outreach plans have changed and what they can expect in the next week or so.

Don’t Turn a Campaign Into a “Slampaign”

One question on the mind of B2B marketers is, “Should I launch that campaign?” If you’re convinced a campaign has been thought out and what you offer will truly help businesses, then tread carefully and definitely lead with the benefit(s). Nobody wants to hear how a “thing” helps you or your partners.

Contact Customers

Use the phone part of… your phone. In the last few days, you’ve already been dialing into conference calls on your phone because you don’t want Lisa in accounting with the pristine kitchen to see you on video or you haven’t changed your sweater in 73 hours, so we all know your phone works.

Revisit Your Media Relations Strategy

Everything has changed in the last week, and so should your strategy. Perhaps you haven’t looked at your media relations strategy since your PR agency presented it, but now’s the time to do so.

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