Project Description

About The Project

Here, we’re in love with products catering to the changing tastes of consumers. When ProfilePRO, the first custom shampoo and conditioner manufacturer contacted us, we put all our efforts into finding them a fitting PR team with major beauty/health chops.

Discovery Phase:
Our first call with ProfilePRO’s Co-founder informed us of their tight deadline to launch PR and an upcoming promotional giveaway. This online-only brand was searching for their first PR partner. We answered questions covering expectations, the limitations of their team working with a PR firm, and the pros and cons of external PR teams. Then we inquired about what would make them happy, “must-haves”, 6-month out goals, and much more.

Back-End Work
Due to limited time, we spoke with six suitable PR firms – of various sizes – we respect. Immediately, we learned if they were able to take on new work, and more importantly, their history with launching brands and if they had interest in handling a fresh beauty product. Alongside our client contact, we narrowed the search to two firms, one with global offices and the other with one U.S. office.

34 days. We quickly connected ProfilePRO to a PR firm and social media practitioner; both relationships are ongoing. The brand has been featured in InStyle magazine, industry sites, the right influential blogs, and distributed 40,000 free samples at launch. We check in with both the client and contact to learn how the results are coming along!

Search Criteria

Contacts in mainstream beauty media
Social background in beauty space
Results-driven, energetic PR firm
Success with influencer outreach